MEP Krisztina Morvai: Gábor Vona is  a weak character;  he is interested only in seizing power

Friday, March 30, 2018

MEP Krisztina Morvai, an independent member of the European Parliament, is quite sure that Jobbik and the left wing parties including former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány eventually form an electoral alliance.

According to Morvai, Gábor Vona is; a weak character he is interested only in seizing power.

Morvai, who has been representing Jobbik in the European parliament for ten years was interviewed by

The current government of Hungary has already achieved key national results she said.

I have a strong feeling that the Gyurcsány gang wants to return to power by using Jobbik as a tool.

This is the reason behind Ágnes Heller and other left-liberal intellectuals' sudden love affair with the once radical Jobbik party.

The politician noted that Jobbik's websites and Facebook pages are urging its supporters to vote for "the strongest opposition candidate in the district". This means that right-wing voters are asked and encouraged to vote for left-liberal candidates.

Responsible individuals should be conscientious and have a solid value system in decision making situations.

Unfortunately, in the last ten years Gábor Vona has been missing these values she added.

Morvai explained that before this spring's crucial election, we must be able to answer the question, which party is capable of leading the country in these extremely difficult times.

Jobbik's spokesman's statement that the party's radical rhetoric before 2010 was a lie is shocking: this statement deeply shocked me. One of my biggest disappointments in my life ...

According to the EP representative, the main goal of the European Union is to press ahead with the project of flooding Europe with migrants.

The ultimate goal is the creation of a United States of Europe - societies with diverse cultural background.

She is convinced that after the spring's parliamentary elections the Hungarian model of rejecting the EU's migration policy, will spread in the EU like a wildfire.

Morvai further stated that Brussels and the global forces advocating the "open society policy" have a huge responsibility in escalating the migration crisis in Europe.

By now, these forces openly say: We are building a new Europe; the values ​​of the old Europe - Christianity or the nation-states - are outdated and all member states must adopt the new model of an open, diverse, and inclusive Europe.

In the EU, mass migration is pictured as a positive phenomenon, and they are explicitly demanding that all member states embrace the policy of mass migration, which eventually leads to parallel societies.

That is why the April 8 elections will be crucial in the history of the country.

According to Morvai, excitement and expectation are building up in Brussels as the election day is approaching.

EU officials are ready to celebrate; they are very much hoping that the Hungarian election results will remove the last obstacle that prevented the smooth transition of traditional Europe into a multicultural continent. They are hoping that the new Hungarian government will give up its resistance to the project and the elimination of European nations states can go ahead as planned.

If we do not want the Gyurcsány-Vona alliance to come to power, then we must go to the polls and vote responsibly, for candidates representing true national interests said Morvai.

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