More Swedish-Hungarians speak up against migrant violence

Monday, March 12, 2018

© REUTERS/ Drago Prvulovic

More Swedish-Hungarians are coming forward and confirming Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg's account of the deteriorating public security in Sweden. Most of those who talked to live in Sweden for decades and leave no doubt that Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg's story is a true account of a country's struggle to survive mass migration.

They also describe the difficulties they have to face on a daily basis when dealing with migrants and the way mass migration has changed their lives in the country that was a peaceful and friendly place before third-world migrants invaded it.

Eighty year-old Sándor Tamás Rozinszki who has been living in Gothenburg since 1971 told M1 TV on the phone that public security has dramatically been worsened in the city since migrants started arriving in the country in large numbers.

The nearly eighty-year-old man was also assaulted by migrants in broad daylight in the neighborhood where he has been living for decades.

There are several neighborhoods in the city that has become unsafe even during the day said the man; he had trained as a martial artist when he was younger but even with such a background he is afraid of leaving his home after dark.

During the day, people are attacked even in bus stops while waiting for the bus; migrants can strike at any time of the day, and there is no one to protect the defenceless population said the eighty year-old man.

A Hungarian woman who has been living in Sweden for almost five decades, who asked her name to be withheld for fear of being branded as a racist also called M1 TV and talked about the migration crisis.

She lives in a metropolitan district where ninety percent of residents are immigrants. Even she was attacked by a migrant who grabbed her and fondled her breasts to humiliate her.

Most white Swedes have already fled this part of the city. They are selling their homes below market value because the neighborhood has become so dangerous she said.

Before migrants started steaming into the country, Sweden was a safe place to live; people didn't even lock their doors, because there was nothing to be afraid of she added.

On Friday, a 40-year-old Swedish-Hungarian woman Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg, who born and raised in Stockholm, told M1 TV that she moved to Hungary because Sweden getting more dangerous by the day. In most big cities migrant attacks are regular and even kids are not safe anymore.

Natalie also said that the Swedish mainstream media try to cover up migrant crime. She added that she moved to Hungary because Hungary today is the safest country in Europe due to the fact that it closed its borders to migrants.

In the meantime, the corrupt liberal media machine attacking Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg's credibility by publishing info about her private life, most probably by the help of foreign intelligence agencies to aid the globalist opposition in the election campaign.

The liberal media went into a frenzy over its inability to fool the electorate and turn public opinion against the government just three weeks before the parliamentary elections. You can be sure that after the elections the liberal media will question the validity of the outcome of the vote by blaming Russian interference with the voting process. Luckily, they go to the extreme in demonizing the government. If they would lie with moderation they could be more successful in conning the masses.

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