Moscow will respond appropriately to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the western countries

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Moscow will not tolerate the brazenness of Western countries and will answer to the expulsion of its diplomats from the EU and many other countries around the world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday in Tashkent to the TASS news agency.

More than 135 Russian diplomats in 22 countries were expelled due to the Skripal case; in addition, the United States ordered the closure of the Russian Consulate General in Seattle.

Hungary also expelled one Russian diplomat (most probably, due to unbearable pressure by behind the scene forces that orchestrated this international crisis).

According to Lavrov, these expulsions underline the Russian suspicion that there are very few independent states exist in the world today.

Many countries that expelled one or two Russian diplomats apologized behind the scenes; this is the sign that colossal pressure is put on those countries by Washington that use blackmail as a main instrument in international relations, said the head of Russian diplomacy.

Lavrov compared the current situation with the pressure put on Palestinians by the US telling them that they would not receive money until they did not accept US conditions.

According to the Russian foreign minister, the elites of the western countries do not listen to public opinion. In support of his words, Lavrov recited a poll published by the German daily Die Welt, according to which 80 percent of respondents opposed the sanctions against Russia.

Russian Foreign Affairs Spokeswoman Maria Zaharova said at a press conference in Moscow that only London and Washington benefit from the expulsion of Russian diplomats and, as a result, "the unruly anti-Russian course will continue" in the future. She also announced that Moscow would "respond appropriately" to the steps taken by the United States and the European Union.

She reiterated the Russian claim that London immediately release all the necessary information on the Skripal incident, because Russia has not yet received any information about the case.

Double agent Sergei Skripal who lives in the UK and his daughter were poisoned on March 4 by "unknown" perpetrators. Skripal was a minor agent of the British Foreign Intelligence (MI6) and a colonel of the Russian military intelligence; he was sent to prison in his home country but later released under a prisoner exchange program.

London accuses Russia with the poisoning of Skripal that Moscow vehemently denies. Following the accusations and reprisals, the two countries mutually expelled 23 diplomats. Moscow has offered to cooperate in investigating the case, but first, it demands tangible evidence about the incident.

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