Natalie Contessa is under 24-hour protection after receiving death threats

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Natalie Contessa received death threats, her address made public, and her community site was hacked after she gave an exclusive interview to M1 TV about the Swedish refugee situation. She is now under 24-hour protection by former special operation soldiers.

Natalie Contessa has lived in Sweden for almost 40 years and moved to Hungary because of the deterioration of public security in the country. In an exclusive interview with M1 TV, she talked about migrant crime in Swedish cities, that the police ignore.

The woman received death threats after the interview, and the liberal media launched a smear campaign against her by publishing info about her personal life to undermine her credibility. The intimidation campaign and the threats are ongoing so she filed a complaint with police.

Natalie Contessa is now under the protection of professional guards, said former intelligence officer Georg Spöttle.

Because they can't disprove her account of the refugee situation in Sweden they are threatening her and attacking her reputation said Spöttle.

This is a typical liberal smear campaign he added.

Government supporters or anyone who is against mass migration, and anyone who would like to live a normal life and expressing his/her views publicly are attacked by forces running mass migration said the security expert.

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