Orwellian style censorship on Facebook

Thursday, March 15, 2018

According to several experts, Facebook is censoring videos on political grounds interfering with the Hungarian election campaign.

M1 TV asked experts' opinion about the issue of censorship on Facebook because Wednesday morning the social site removed an interview with Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg, who had moved to Hungary from Sweden to escape migrant violence, from its website. The video got one million views in three days, before it was removed from Facebook.

Director of the Media Center Boros Levente Bánk said actors who could not be identified in virtual reality (behind the scene forces) could do whatever they wanted to manipulate the everyday life of individuals or institutions and even interfere with national elections.

According to Political Scientist Dániel Deák who is also a senior employee of Figyelő, Facebook uses Orwellian methods to censor online content - an opaque, multinational corporation, employs thousands of operators in London to monitor and filter millions of websites.

Director of the Fundamental Rights Center Miklós Szánthó also believes that Facebook, under the pretext of political correctness filtering online content.

Constitutional Lawyer Zoltán Lomnici told M1 TV that censoring online content confirms that political censorship is taking place on Facebook, which is contrary to the basic human right of freedom of speech.

Híradó.hu contacted Facebook administrators asking them to provide detailed information about the reasons of deleting the mentioned video from the social site's website but up until now it has received no reply. has also reported that Facebook in fact deleted two videos; one of them was an interview with Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg who moved to Hungary from Sweden to escape migrant violence; the other one was a news report about a German family who was planning to move to Hungary because of the deteriorating migrant situation in Germany.

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