People smugglers holding Swedish travel documents arrested at the Romanian-Hungarian border

Friday, March 9, 2018

An Iranian man holding a Swedish travel document and a Swedish citizen of Iranian origin were arrested by border police at the Romanian-Hungarian border when they tried to smuggle six Iranian migrants into Hungary.

According to a statement issued by the Romanian border police, a 43-year-old Iranian driver arrived at Csanád-Kiszombor border crossing at dawn with a Swedish registered motorhome accompanied by a 39 year old woman of Iranian origin, holding a Swedish passport.

During inspection of the vehicle, Hungarian and Romanian police officers discovered six Iranian citizens - three men, two women and a 15-year-old - in a hiding place in the vehicle's luggage compartment.

They claimed they wanted to go to Western Europe and were hiding because they did not have valid travel documents.

The driver of the motorhome and his accomplice were taken into custudy by Romanian authorities.

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