The goal is to create chaos

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The goal of the globalist opposition is to create chaos after the spring's parliamentary elections. Since 2006, the opposition parties have been working ceaselessly to degrade the country into a vassal state - if they win in April they embrace Brussels immigrant quota system.

Chaos, crisis, and protracted negotiations would follow the opposition victory in April 8 acknowledged Ferenc Gyurcsány in a radio interview where he outlined possible scenarios to link up with Brussels immigration policy of settling tens of thousands of migrant in Hungary.

According to the extremist liberal politician, chaos is a good thing; there are a great number of examples indicating that countries can happily survive without a stable government.

If the globalist opposition wins in April, new elections will have to be held soon after said Gyurcsány to Civil Radio.

He admitted that the opposition parties would be unable to agree with each other and form a stable government, therefore, after protracted negotiations, new elections should be held.

Gyurcsany also said that a chaotic situation like this wouldn't mean the end of the world as other countries have also survived such election results - for example, Germany has been without a stable government for many months. Gyurcsány also stated that he would consider a chaotic outcome of the spring's election a victory for the opposition parties.

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