The opposition secret plan aims to adopt the EU migrant quota system

Friday, March 2, 2018

According to, the opposition parties are already in the process of forming an election coalition. The plan is to run only one candidate against Fidesz in most electoral districts; the goal is to maximise their chances to win enough mandate to torpedo the government's anti-migration policy. has learned that the actors participating in the conspiracy have already struck a deal with each other, dubbed as Soros quota pact.

The candidates who have been selected to run had to pledge support for Brussels migration quota system initiative aiming to settle tens of thousands of migrants in Hungary learned origo hu.

According to Brussels, no one can opt out of the population replacement project already in full swing in the western part of Europe.

Members of the Soros network and conspiring opposition politicians have been evaluating the mood of the general public in recent weeks, in order to pinpoint those electoral districts where their candidates have the best chance to win a mandate.

Origo has also learned the details of the plan according to which the globalist parties intend to run joint candidates in 66 electoral districts.

Under strictly established guidelines, running candidates must give guarantees to commit themselves to the opening of borders to illegal immigrants.

The liberal media controlled by George Soros will also have a role in the conspiracy - they will disseminate the list of "opposition candidates" and related propaganda materials as part of a nationwide campaign to mislead the electorate.

If the plan succeeds, and there will be no opposition to the globalist conspiracy, over a period of a few months, tens of thousands of migrants could be shipped into the Central Europe, including Hungary.

It is no coincidence that the Belgian prime minister has recently demanded to jam the quota system down the throat of countries that opposing it above all of Hungary writes

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