The UN openly promotes race-mixing

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

According to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the statement by the Hungarian prime minister that "we do not support race-mixing" is racist; however, the overwhelming majority of the Eastern European population support the Hungarian position.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights refuses to resign over his scandalous statement he made earlier openly supporting race-mixing, reports.

The UN politician has previously made it clear that the UN sharply disagrees with the opinion of the majority of the people of Eastern Europe, and considers everyone racist who represents the majority opinion.

According to the sneaky statement by the Arab-Muslim politician, dark-skinned people should be offended by the position of the Hungarian government that rejects race-mixing; in fact, everyone should be offended when hears that a leader of a modern, Eastern European state is speaking about such things writes

The population of Eastern European countries, however, does not support the UN race theory; months ago, the Eurobarometer poll revealed that the majority of the population in the region, reject the idea of ​​race-mixing.

According to the study, 71% to 80% of the population in Slovakia and the Czech Republic would find it unacceptable if their children were in a relationship with a "dark-skinned person".

In the Baltic countries, Romania and Hungary this number is between 51 and 60 percent.

The United Nations, therefore wants to jam a race theory down the throat of the population that the democratic majority clearly reject.

(Note: The problem with the UN race-mixing initiative is that unlike in Brazil and other South-American countries where the mixing of the races took place spontaneously over many centuries, the UN project using this sensitive issue with an evil end in mind - to obliterate indigenous European cultures. The Hungarian government understands the objective of this covert project that's why it protests against the initiative and not because it is racist.)

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