Those who support a pre-electoral coalition with the globalist parties are enemies of the nation - must watch interview with Tamás Gaudi-Nagy (in Hungarian)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Under no circumstances can a pre-electoral coalition be formed with those dark forces who attacked the Hungarian nation in 2006 said former Jobbik MP and Human Rights Activist Tamás Gaudi-Nagy to Echo TV.

The former Jobbik MP made it clear that those who in any shape or form help members of the former Gyurcsany regime coming back to power commit high treason.

The first thing we must make clear is this: the spring's parliamentary elections will be about national affairs, about the fate of our nation; and the interests of the nation must supersede party interests said Gaudi.

If the parties can't meet a certain national minimum, they will lose the moral foundation to play a role in the nations's life.

The national minimum is that under no circumstances nationalist forces can form pre-electoral coalition with members of the former Gyurcsany regime because those treacherous forces want to flood the country with third-world migrants. This is yet another reason why patriotic Hungarians should never consider any kind of cooperation with the globalist parties said Gaudi.

Anyone who directly or indirectly helps the formation of such an alliance, in other words helps the return of the criminal Gyurcsany party into power or even close to power commits a crime against the nation.

Also, anyone who directly or indirectly promotes the issue of immigration working with Ágnes Heller's scenario to restore the Gyurcsány-Bajnai system can't represent national interest said Tamás Gaudi-Nagy.

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