Entire leadership of Jobbik should step down, says deputy leader

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Upon the resignation of Jobbik leader Gábor Vona, deputy leader Tamás Sneider has called for the entire leadership of the party to follow suit.

During Sunday’s election, Jobbik gained only 25 of the 199 seats in Hungary’s next parliament with 19.33 percent of the votes.

According to MTI, Sneider expressed disappointment over the result in a letter sent to László Toroczkai, another deputy leader of Jobbik, and posted it on Facebook on Monday.

“All of us must resign … not only Gábor Vona. That includes you and me, too, since we have both been part of turning Jobbik into a people’s party,” Sneider said.

Sneider’s post followed a note by Toroczkai where he said that “Vona has failed, but Jobbik is alive,” adding that “it will kill Jobbik if Vona’s resignation is a mere manoeuvre.”

He said that after failing to get close to governing in three consecutive ballots, Jobbik, comprising “thousands of decent people,” would ultimately lose the chance of ever winning a general election unless “it removes the obstacle preventing expansion.”


(Note: As far as I can see, the idea to transform Jobbik into a people's party wasn't the problem, but the way it was executed. Vona made a major mistake by openly courting left-wing voters by hateful messages as this segment of the electorate understands only these sorts of messages.

The official election campaign hasn't even started as a prelude to the campaign Jobbik posted anti-Fidesz billboard messages like "You work, they steal."

Everybody who knows left-wing and liberal party supporters knew right away that this hate massage was an attempt to charm left-liberal voters.

When it became obvious to most voters that Jobbik was flirting with left-wing parties - by suggesting the formation of an electoral alliance with some of them - a large segment of radical Jobbik supporters deserted the party and voted for Fidesz.

On the other hand, Jobbik couldn't convince enough left-wing voters to support the party; and as the saying goes, it fell between two stools resulting a poor showing in the election.

The notion to turn Jobbik into a people's party was a sound idea, but should have executed it sensibly as negativity and hate-mongering can attract only a small segment of voters.

Vona also made a major mistake by launching personal attacks on the prime minister calling him a mentally deranged person, which once again indicated that Vona targeting left-wing voters who harbor deep metaphysical hatred againist the prime minister.

All in all, we can say that the strategy to turn Jobbik into a people's party lacked subtlety and finesse, which at the end backfired on those who maybe honestly wanted to transform the party into a more inclusive community but executed the plan without a well-thought out strategy.)


There are rumors that Jobbik President Gábor Vona may leave the country - but this is only a rumor. Due to the party's poor showing in the parliamentary elections, a deep division developed between Vona supporters and the radicals lined up behind Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai.



Unknown said...

Excelente note, Jobbik is a real and good option as long as it presents itself as a renovated, honest, professional version of Fidesz and at the same time rooted in tradition and conservative values. After 3 periods even Fidesz supporters understand that a change is good, but only for the best. This might be the time for internal renovation, the time por Toroczkai ...

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