Hungarians cast their votes in London - there is a huge lineup in front of the Concert Hall of the Westminster Cathedral [Updated]

Sunday, April 8, 2018

There is a huge lineup in London in front of the Concert Hall of the Westminster Cathedral rented by the Hungarian embassy - some 10,000 Hungarians expected to cast their votes in London.


After casting his vote in early morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended a Sunday worship.


Until each polling station is closed, the announcement of the preliminary results does not start reported the National Election Office.

Currently, London and Budapest-Ujbuda district have the longest waiting line, said Ilona Pálffy, president of the National Election Office. It is expected that all polling stations will be closed at ten o'clock in the evening.


With the exception of two polling stations in Budapest, all polling stations in Hungary and abroad have closed, announced the head of the National Election Office Ilona Pálffy.

The National Election Office starts publishing the first preliminary results after half past nine.


The first preliminary results predicting a landslide Fidesz victory.

The high voter turnout (68.80%) indicates that the majority of voters understood the gravity of the historical drama unfolding in front of their own eyes - mass migration - and have chosen the most capable political party to fend off the lurking dangers.

The globalist opposition couldn't dupe the overwhelming majority of people into beliving thier treacherous agenda.

It is still too early to say whether Fidesz wins a majority or super majority mandate in parliament.

According to early results, Jobbik President Gabor Vona may lose his constituency to Fidesz candidate Dezső László Horváth.


Opposition experts and analysts are shocked by the extent of Fidesz victory. Everyone said that the higher the participation, the greater the chances of the opposition to win, which turned out to be a myth. They also stunned by the huge gap between Fidesz and Jobbik.


Jobbik President Gabor Vona announced his resignation as party leader.


After the devastating election defeat the entire presidency of the Socialist party announced its resignation.


Hungary has won a great victory, said Viktor Orbán on Sunday night in his victory speech in the Balna congress center.

We have a big battle behind us, we won a watershed victory; we got a new mandate to defend our country said the prime minister.

This election victory determines the fate of our country for a long time to come he said.

Former Prime minister Ferenc Gyurchany, who is proud of being the only prime minister in the post-1956 uprising era who ordered police to shoot at peaceful protesters in 2006, expressed his deep disappointment over the election result. He said: "With great disappointment, I state that Hungary, in which we believe, has suffered a devastating defeat."


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