Hungary was asked to construct a Baptist house of prayer in North Korea

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The North Korean leadership has asked the Hungarian Baptist Charity Service to build a Baptist house of prayer in Pyongyang - said the head of the Charity Service in Washington, DC.

Pastor Sándor Senczy told MTI that he was allowed to preach in Pyongyang, in the country's only protestant temple.

During his visit, a senior officer of the North Korean foreign ministry asked the Charity Service to build a Baptist house of prayer in the capital.

A Russian Orthodox church is already under construction in Pyongyang said Senczy.

While in North Korea, Szenczy and his associates participated in several official meetings and discussed the possibility of launching a program aiming to rehabilitate disabled children by using Hungarian developed conductive pedagogy method.

This cooperation made possible by the fact that five years ago President Kim Jong-un acknowledged that there were disabled disabled children in the country.

Local staff will be trained by Hungarian experts, said Senczy.

Hungary and North Korea had friendly relations before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trade between the two countries had flourished throughout the communist era - Hungarian made trolley buses are still widely seen in the North Korean capital.

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