Jobbik calls on its supporters to participate in the globalist sponsored anti-government rally on Saturday

Friday, April 13, 2018

Unable to digest its election defeat, Jobbik called on its members and supporters to participate in Saturday's anti-government rally organized by supporters of the left-liberal parties with close cooperation with Soros funded NGOs.

There are rumors indicating that organizers invited trained German anarchists to take part in the protest and instigate street violence that ultimately may lead to chaos and a coup along the line of the Ukraine chain of events took place some years ago.

Organizers of the rally received loud support from former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyrcsany and other globalist politicians whose parties suffered devastating defeat in the parliamentary elections.

In the election campaign, Jobbik politicians rejected even the idea to cooperate with the globalist parties on any issue; and here we go, just a few days after the parliamentary elections the globalist parties and Jobbik join forces to challenge the democratically elected government.

I doubt though that many self-respecting patriotic Hungarians take part in the protest.

Organizers of the demonstration wrote a letter to Gabor Vona inviting the former party leader to personally attend the rally so expressing his solidarity with the forces of chaos.

If Vona attends the rally that will be the end of Jobbik as we knew it; he will alienate those members of the community who supported the party even after its bizarre flip-flops on various issues that confused even its most ardent supporters.

It also turned out that Gabor Vona wouldn't really retire from politics as it was originally believed after announcing his resignation and his refusal to accept his parliamentary mandate, but he might work behind the scenes as a top adviser of the next party leader expected to be Tamas Sneider.

One former Soros activist told that the most important goal of the Saturday's demonstration would be to provoke police. Activists record the event and if they manage to provoke at least one cop the incident will be published on the Internet as a sign of intolerable police violence, tyranny and terror in Hungary.

Earlier, one of the organizers of the rally Márton Gulyás said: If the government does not come to its senses we will instigate blockades, seize buildings, and occupy public spaces.



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