Jobbik President Gabor Vona resigns and gives back his parliamentary mandate

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I will resign as the president of the party.

Today, in light of yesterday's election results, I have submitted my resignation as I promised, which was accepted by the Jobbik Presidency. In the near future, Jobbik will convene a congress to elect a new president - I will not run for president. I also signalled to the Presidency that I will give back my parliamentary mandate.

For the 2018 election results, I assume a personal responsibility as Jobbik prime ministerial candidate, as the election victory hasn't turned out the way I expected it, and I keep my word.

Jobbik is the second strongest party in Hungary today - the only true force on the opposition benches. I will fight for this community to become even stronger in the next parliamentary period, but after 12 years, not as a president of the party. Thank you very much for the more than one million people who supported our party on April 8. We promise them that, despite Fidesz majority in parliament, we will continue our struggle for a safe, liveable, free and fair Hungary. Everyone can count on Jobbik, regardless where he/she lives in the world. With Hungarian heart, with common sense and with clean hands.

(Vona Gabor Facebook - translated by

According to the analyst at Viewpoint Institute  Csaba Fodor, Jobbik is facing a serious, and prolonged internal conflict and can even split up.

The party suffers from a credibility crisis due to the defeat in the parliamentary elections.

One expert said: the party's radical self was the real one, others said its liberal identity was more prominent. It is a question of which of these identities are genuine.

The analyst also suggested that the idea that Jobbik is the second force in parliament is not entire true, since the left-wing parties combined won more seats. This is a "serious setback" for Jobbik said Csaba Fodor.


In a Facebook post, former Jobbik vice-President Előd Novak indicated that he would like to see Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai as the next president of Jobbik.


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