New government, new structure, new cabinet members

Thursday, April 12, 2018

There will be a new form of government, mostly with a new structure and mostly with new players as the government has to respond to the challenges of migration and the need to protect Hungary’s national sovereignty, Antal Rogán, the Minister heading the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister told the public service television news channel M1 on Wednesday.

Hungary has decided, the people have identified the most important issue of the election, and in consequence they have also designated the most crucial issues of the next four years: these are immigration and defending the country’s national sovereignty, the Minister said.

Four years ago there was no migration, and at the time there were not many who wanted a United States of Europe instead of a Europe of Nations, he pointed out. Today all these issues are there on the agenda, and therefore a new governmental structure is required to rise to these challenges.

In light of these circumstances, the government will finish the work it has carried out to date under the present arrangement, and on Wednesday the Prime Minister will request members of the cabinet to render an account of and close the previous term and prepare the documents necessary for handing over their responsibilities, he continued.

“If we do not want migration – and the people decided that they want to determine whom they live together with – we must give an answer to the question as to how to handle demographic issues”, he highlighted, and pointed out that an even more intensive, even more purposeful family-centred policy is required.

Hungary must find allies in the largest possible numbers “who stand with us in representing the cause of a Europe of Nations. We must not allow others to make decisions above our heads, decisions which will then determine the lives of the Hungarian people”, he stressed.

Everyone will have to treat these responsibilities as the number one priority, he stated. The Prime Minister is already working on creating a new structure of government and division of responsibilities, for the purposes of which he has received authorisation from the leadership of the governing parties. Once a new Parliament has been formed, the Prime Minister will present his new concept to its members.



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