Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's thoughts on the election campaign

Saturday, April 7, 2018

I feel as if this election campaign would be a celebration when one meets old friends and acquaintances...

I do not know how the other prime ministerial candidates feel about it, but for me the election campaign is one of the most beautiful parts of politics. One receives so much love and encouragement... Those who attend the campaign events love to meet each other, even if they have never met before. They speak the same language, and chat about the same topics - what is important to them in life said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

The point is to understand each other. As a politician, I've always tried to talk to people in a style one talks in everyday life. To use confusing language means disrespect for people. I attend the campaign events as a friend. I converse with people casually...That's why for me the election campaign is never a burden. I like cheerful campaigns where I can meet happy and smiling people said the prime minister.

When the prime minister was asked about taking selfies with supporters he had this to say: I don't refuse anyone. I'm glad that I can honor them this way. I do these things as if we were old schoolmates or neighbors.

People appreciate what we have always stood up for - the independence and sovereignty of our country.

It takes two to dance a tango... And I'm very proud of the fact that people can get close to me and no one gets pushed away by bodyguards ... This is so rare in politics.

It feels good when you hear people saying things like: go for it, keep it up, and do not give up! Nowadays, it feels good to be Hungarian once again.

About the election the prime minister had this to say: It will be a big fight; we'll campaign until the last minute; and I hope everybody understands that in Sunday there will be no room for a laid-back attitude.

If we believe we can win without casting our vote - expecting others to do the voting - then, we may run into a huge problem, we can get a nasty surprise - we can lose what we want to keep so much.

But if we can overcome our laziness, our laid-back attitude and vote, we can win big that will be echoed in the whole of Europe; our victory will give a big boost to the entire continent especially, to those countries that think the same way as we do.

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