Tamás Gaudi-Nagy: Those who vote for Jobbik, help globalist and pro-migration forces coming to power

Saturday, April 7, 2018

It must be made crystal clear that those who vote for Jobbik in its current state, help globalist forces coming to power and aid the suppression, and enslavement of Hungarians in their own country, said former Jobbik Member of Parliament Tamás Gaudi-Nagy at a conference on the future on radicalism in Hungary.

Gaudi emphasized: it is a national minimum that patriotic Hungarians under no circumstance can form an alliance with traitors and pro-immigration forces. Anyone who helps these forces coming to power commits treachery.

Gaudi told pestiSrá that patriotic Hungarians have a responsibility in this election; they have to identify forces behind the smokescreen that want to eradicate the Hungarian nation.

He added: it is unfortunately, that Jobbik has become one of the members of this treacherous alliance. We who sit here and supported this once patriotic party have never thought that the time will come when we witness such a turnaround in the policy of the party.

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy emphasized that everyone must put aside his differences and the hurt of the past eight years and support the governing parties, since in the field of family policy, national policy and economic policy, the government was successful.



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