The Saturday's demonstration organized by the Soros network rather than independent civil organizations - Antal Rogán

Sunday, April 15, 2018

These people can't accept the result of last week's election - said Rogán to Kossuth Radio.

The minister stated that the known suspects were behind the demonstration rather than independent civil organizations and the globalist opposition being manipulated by shadowy forces.

According to the minister, the government considers these events as a right to freedom of expression - the losers can't accept the outcome of the parliamentary elections in a dignified manner.

The minister called the protest a "political theater" organized by the losers stressing that the government had a strong mandate to defend the country against the EU, the United Nations and the Soros network.

Hungarians clearly want Hungary to remain Hungarian, but Soros wants to manipulate the election result by using the opposition parties and pseudo "civilians" the minister added.

Yesterday, tens of thousands of opposition supporters staged a rally at the parliament building chanting ridiculous slogans like "we are the majority".

This segment of the electorate socialized in a hate-filled social milieu and can't accept any election result unless it favors them.

The once patriotic Jobbik party actively participated in the organization of the rally and its leaders took part in the event hoping that the liberal power centers will forgive their sins committed in their previous incarnations.

It was quite surreal seeing Jobbik politicians marching with former liberal government officials who are regularly demonizing them even today, calling them antisemitic and fascist.

Only individuals who are lacking self-respect can submit to such humiliation, but at least, by now every educated Hungarian understands that Jobbik as a radical patriotic party seized to exist.



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