The Soros network is already looking for houses for the resettlement of migrants

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"All signs point to the fact that the Soros network is already looking for houses for the resettlement of migrants”
. Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The Minister of State showed reporters a request for information in the public interest, in which an employee of the Helsinki Committee requested a list of empty state-owned properties in Budapest.

The Government will not issue this list and is prepared to go to court if necessary, Mr. Tuzson declared, however.

“We expect the court procedure to make obvious what we otherwise already know and suspect, that the Helsinki Committee’s clear goal is to resettle migrants in Hungary, and to also find suitable properties for this purpose”
, he added.

“The organisations that are being funded by George Soros are working to change Hungary and turn it into an immigrant country”
, he stressed.

“This is not the first sign on the part of the Soros networks in view of the fact that the opposition forces that are linked to him and in alliance with him have already stated on several occasions how they are making preparations for the resettlement and how they plan to procure housing for the migrants”
, he added. He pointed out that the MSZP-Párbeszéd party’s candidate for Prime Minister, Gergely Karácsony had asked for former military barracks and local government housing to be catalogued, and Gábor Vágó from the LMP party had proposed that a list of Hungary’s 150 thousand empty private homes should be compiled.

“Accordingly, all signs indicate that the Soros network’s people are already looking for housing in the interests of the resettlement of migrants”
, the Minister of State said.

If “Soros’s people” come to power at the 8 April elections, they will go ahead with the resettlement and “will settle immigrants in both municipality-owned and privately-owned flats”, he declared.

Mr. Tuzson was asked who had requested the public information, because according to a statement by the Helsinki Committee they have not done so. The Minister of State said the request had been submitted on 7 May by a lawyer “who has extremely close ties to the Helsinki Committee”. “It is obvious and we have every reason to assume that the request was made on behalf of the Helsinki Committee, this gentleman is linked to the Helsinki Committee by a thousand strands”, he said.

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