This is the end of Jobbik as we know it

Friday, April 13, 2018

Former Jobbik President Gabor Vona accepted the invitation of the organizers of the Saturday's anti-government rally and will take part in the event. He also encouraged Jobbik supporters to join him and support the initiative.

It happened what most Jobbik supporters couldn't imagine in their wildest dreams - Jobbik joins forces with fifth column activists representing foreign interests in Hungary who want to oust the democratically elected government won the parliamentary election with a landslide victory.

Jobbik will not only take part in the demonstration but also actively participate in the organization of the event by arranging buses for demonstrators wanting to come to Budapest from the rural towns of Mezőtúr and Törökszentmiklós reported party sources.

The plan is to hold demonstrations nationwide until the democratically elected government collapses into a chaos in line with the Ukrainian scenario tested many years ago.

This time the regime changers try out a more subtle strategy; they may refrain from using raw violence like they did in Ukraine and in other middle east countries.

The strategy may be to gradually build up the pressure on the police force that eventually crackdown on protesters; then, the news about "police violence" can be disseminated around the world using the corporate media. The ultimate goal could be creating chaos and render the country ungovernable.

The fact that Jobbik embraces anti-Hungarian forces indicates that the party as a nationalist and patriotic force effectively seized to exist.

MEP Krisztinam Morvai said a few days ago: I smell an Ukrainian style coup in the air.

After this major development, it is almost certain that Jobbik will break up - followers of Vona may form a new liberal party and the patriotic fraction will create a new nationalist organization.

My suspicion is that Vona attends the Saturday's rally to increase the already boiling tension within the party and provoke the break up of Jobbik. He knows that there is a fraction within the party that would never approve the idea to demonstrate with globalists; so if the party breaks up due to these developments no one can be blamed for it because it happens as a result of an evolutionary process which provides an easy exit for Vona from his predicament and no one can call him a destroyer of the party.

The fact that Vona didn't accept his electoral mandate points to this direction.

Vona already prepared the ground for his new party during the election campaign and even before by discussing the issue of moving to the left with liberal power centers and the corporate media.

The Saturday's demonstration will also be a good opportunity to test the waters - to see who supports him and who disagrees with him.

Neither Elod Novak nor Toroczkai could spot Vona's smart strategy of breaking up Jobbik that already has been unfolding in front of our very eyes. This strategy in my view, had been planned long before the elections. The motive behind Vona's decision to break up the party might have been the realization that as a leader quarantined into a narrow ideological box will never ever get a chance to win an election and lead the country.


Jobbik vice-President László Toroczkai announced on his facebook page that he too will follow Vona's lead and take part in the Saturday's anti-government demonstration.

Patriotic Hungarians are stunned by reading the announcement. (Read the commments on Toroczkai facebook page)

László Toroczkai, who is well respected even by Fidesz supporters for the great work he has done as mayor of Ásotthalom, is on his way to destroy his credibility by joining forces with those who demonize him on a daily basis and with those against whom he fought on the streets of Budapest in 2006.

It is stunning that a seasoned street fighter like Toroczkai could be so easily duped into believing that he is supporting a "true cause" - investigating election fraud.

He should know that there are deeds in life that have very long shadows. Tomorrow will be a memorable day for Toroczkai that will haunt him for years to come.

The other disappointing thing about Toroczkai is that he fools himself into believing that the rally is organized by independent civil organizations. When most people with a bit of common sense know that the usual suspects are behind the demonstration.


The United States Embassy in Budapest also supports the Saturday's anti-government demonstration.



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