Dóra Dúró runs for vice-president of Jobbik in the upcoming leadership race

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

At the invitation of the regional directors of 11 counties I realized that I have a responsibility to help Jobbik remaining a united party writes former Spokesperson of Jobbik Dóra Dúró on Facebook.

The most important objective at the moment is to keep the party united, so that we can rebuild it later.

For a long time, I thought I did not have any role to play in this process - I did not plan to run for any office or support any candidate in the leadership race.

Then, at the invitation of our party's 11 county directors made me realize that I have a responsibility as a politician who has won a parliamentary mandate, and as a widely trusted person, to help the process of keeping the party united - I can't just look idly as a spectator and watch what happens in the party.

I sincerely believe that the integrity of Jobbik can be maintained under the leadership of László Toroczkai, therefore, I accept the invitation to run as a vice-president of the party in the upcoming leadership race. I sent a detailed statement of intent to the director of the party who will notify the membership of my intention.

Today, Jobbik needs a more balanced approach to national politics than ever before. I feel that our team is the best possible combination to provide that balance.

In personality-based politics, strong and creative individuals are needed to succeed. I would like to contribute to this process as a young mother and as an experienced politician.

The combination of a male - female leader team can strengthen Jobbik's positions in Budapest and the countryside - with this division of tasks we can greatly increase our party's chances to succeed as a modern political party.

We also would like to continue - with the necessary corrections - the process of transforming Jobbik into a people's party under the leadership of László Toroczkai.

Our goal is to boost the popularity of Jobbik in the upcoming municipal elections, which will be the most important challenge for our party in the next two years. In this process perhaps, László Toroczkai is the best assurance to succeed since he has won twice as the mayor of Asotthalom with the support of both left and right-wing voters writes Dóra Dúró on Facebook.

The rest of the post can be read on her Facebook page in Hungarian


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