European voters want to see major changes in Brussels - Krisztina Morvai

Saturday, May 5, 2018

European voters want to see major changes in Brussels, so next year's European Parliamentary Elections can bring significant innovations in the European Parliament - said MEP Krisztina Morvai on Saturday in M1 channel's evening program.

According to the MEP, the majority of European citizens agree with Hungary, in other words, they oppose mass migration and reject the idea of ​​creating a United States of Europe.

Conservative voters also demand changes, because there is hardly any difference between the socialist, the liberal and the people's party opinions on most issues.

Krisztina Morvai expects that next year the Christian Democratic anti-migration political groupings will reorganize the European People's Party, or they form a new political force.

She also announced that she would retire from the European Parliament next year and doesn't want to deal with politics in the future.

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