Far-right mayor hails success of Hungary-Serbia border fence

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The modern-day iron curtain stretches for 100 miles and is patrolled by soldiers, dogs, and 3,000 border police.

by Alastair Jamieson / May.02.2018 / 4:50 AM ET

ÁSOTTHALOM, Hungary — A far-right mayor is hailing the success of a new border fence, saying it has protected Hungary from mass immigration.

“It saved my town,” said László Toroczkai, whose community on the border with Serbia was at the center of a wave of migrants in 2015 seeking better lives in the West. “Calmness has returned.”

He was one of the loudest voices in a campaign that convinced Hungary’s government to build two parallel 10-foot-high razor-wire electric fences at the border, which also doubles as a frontier for the European Union.

The result is a modern-day iron curtain that stretches for 100 miles and is monitored by soldiers, dogs, thermal cameras and 3,000 newly recruited border police officers.

Hungarian authorities say it has effectively shut off the main migrant route from the Middle East to Western Europe; police arrested only five undocumented immigrants last month, compared with 3,528 before the fence existed in March 2016.

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Peter Holdforth said...

Why is the mayor labelled as Far Right?

Strelnikov said...

Eljen A Magyar!

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