We would like to develop a special relationship between Hungary and Vietnam - PM Viktor Orbán

Monday, September 25, 2017

“The Government would like to develop a special relationship between Hungary and Vietnam”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Monday in Hanoi at the joint press conference held following his negotiations with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc.

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New Hungarian bus design unveiled

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A new multifuntional Hungarian developed bus has been unveiled in Ikarus' Székesfehérvár plant. Minister of Defence István Szimicskó annunced that the Hungarian Defense Forces buy one hundred of them.

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The Darwinian fairy-tale removed from Turkish high school curriculum

Friday, September 22, 2017

Darwin's theory of evolution removed from Turkish high school textbooks. The head of the Turkish National Education Council Alparslan Durmus argued that the theory was too complicated, too controversial and difficult to understand. In the 2017-18 school year, Turkish students can study the theory of evolution only at universities.

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Syrian Orthodox Church leaders took the Hungarian citizenship oath

Photo: Merényi Zita

Two Syrian Orthodox Church leaders took the Hungarian citizenship oath on Wednesday in Hungary's Erbil Consulate in Iraq reported the State Secretariat of the Ministry of Human Resources on Thursday.

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Jack Ma says 'stop training kids for manufacturing jobs'

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jack Ma, Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group © Brendan McDermid / Reuters

The founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, has warned people should be prepared for significant disruptions to the job market as artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change the world.

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Emergency Management Agency acquired twenty-five fire engines

Emergency Management Agency's vehicle fleet is expanded by twenty-five all Hungarian made fire engines with a total value of over three billion forints. The vehicles will be transferred to sixteen counties across the country, according to the ministry of internal affairs.

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Ukraine readies for record pilgrimage of 40,000 Jews to Uman – media

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ukrainian authorities are preparing for a record pilgrimage by tens of thousands of Jews gathering in the city of Uman for Rosh Hashanah, according to The Times of Israel.

Photo from UNIAN

Authorities are expecting up to 40,000 Jewish pilgrims ahead of the Jewish New Year, which this year falls on September 20, the Ukrainian Government Press office told the local ZN news website Tuesday, The Times of Israel reported.

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37 MEPs sign letter calling for Ukraine's president to scrap new education law impacting minorities

Fidesz-KDNP MEP Andrea Bocskor drafted the open letter to the Ukrainian president which was signed by 37 MEPs from Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia

Thirty-seven MEPs have signed a letter expressing their concerns over the Ukranian education law impacting minorities in the country and have urged Petro Poroshenko to not sign off on it.

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Hungarian government to launch a nationwide survey on migration

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Hungarian government has decided to launch a nationwide survey on migration to guarantee solid support for the government’s related policies, and so that they can understand the people's stance on the issue.

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Picture of the day: Member of former Gyurcsany gang enters prison

Former Director of the Hungarian National Asset Management (MNV) Zrt. Zsolt Császy, bids an emotional goodbye to his friend and mentor Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány in front of Tököl Penitentiary.

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The “Soros Plan” must be opposed

Monday, September 18, 2017

Addressing the eleventh national congress of the Alliance of Christian Intellectuals (KÉSZ) in the Hungarian Parliament on Saturday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán argued for the need to oppose the “Soros Plan”, which would transform Central European countries into “immigrant countries”: states with mixed populations and cultures.

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The municipal council of Esztergályhorváti outsmarted agent provocatours who wanted to turn the village into a migrant vacation spot

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The municipal council of the village of Esztergályhorváti in Zala County outsmarted a team of agent provocateurs who wanted to take a group of migrants from Austria into the village for "vacationing".

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‘Amid migrant crisis, Eastern Europe wants to uphold values (and get funds from Brussels, too)’

Friday, September 15, 2017

People hold signs as they protest against the German government's decision to deport migrants who were denied asylum, at Duesseldorf Airport, Germany September 12, 2017. © Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters

The central EU states are pressuring the eastern frontier states to step up to the plate and do their fair share in accommodating the migrants arriving from Greece and Italy, political commentator Adrian Yalland tells RT.

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Orbán wins the migration argument

Suddenly most EU leaders echo the Hungarian prime minister.

By JACOPO BARIGAZZI 9/15/17, 4:17 AM CET Updated 9/15/17, 9:36 AM CET

No one in Brussels wants to say it out loud, but Viktor Orbán is winning the migration debate.

The Hungarian prime minister may be much maligned in European capitals for his anti-immigrant rhetoric, his opposition to the EU’s refugee relocation policy, and for building a border fence.

But look closely at how EU leaders now talk about the issue and the policies they’ve adopted since the 2015 crisis, and it’s clear Orbán’s preference for interdiction over integration has somehow prevailed.

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Katinka Hosszú announced the expansion of her company - Iron Corporation - with a new media division

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Iron Corporation is growing

One year before yesterday the new members of Iron Aquatics jumped into the pool for the first time. I remember what a fantastic feeling it was to see the enthusiasm and the determination in the eyes of the kids.

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